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Joie De Vivre Farm NL
Contact: Alice and Adrian
Address: 62 B Main St Irishtown-Summerside, , A2H 4A1
Phone: 709-660-3931
About Us
Joie de Vivre Farm is a small vegetable farm located in Irishtown-Summerside on the beautiful north shore of the Bay of Islands. We specialize in offering a wide variety of high quality locally grown produce and wild harvested delicacies.

Alice is an Acadian from south west Nova Scotia who grew up around the bay catching fish, digging clams and traveling the world, until she settled down on the wast coast Newfoundland after getting tangled up with a Newfie boy. Adrian grew up in Newfoundland spending most of his time hunting, fishing, and turning rocks on the beaches and in the woods of the central and the east coast. He moved to the west coast to work on a farm and never looked back!

We are called Joie de Vivre Farm, The Joy of Life, as a nod to Alice's Acadian roots. It is a very important expression to the Acadian people, one that helped them endure many hardships, something we are not unfamiliar with here either. Our farm mato is "Harvest the day!" A more literal translation for the Latin quote Carpe Diem. Carpe directly translated means to pluck or harvest and we just feel it's a little more poetic than seizing the day.

So get out there, find and embrace your Joie de Vivre and harvest the day!
We believe in the importance of sustainable farming practices and strive to minimize our environmental impact while producing the highest quality products possible.