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The Saucy Newfoundland Co
Contact: Julia and Joan
Address: 11 Walsh's Ave. Pasadena, , A0L 1K0
Phone: 709-638-0896
About Us
The Saucy Newfoundland Company was developed in the spring of 2017 at a business Start-Up event at Grenfell College, Corner Brook, NL. Four strangers, Mark Tierney, Crystal McCall, Brad Small, and Julia Allingham came together, formed a team, tweaked their passion for food ideas, and came up with the winning idea of a Saucy Newfoundland Company. This company would produce a variety of some of the tastiest condiments that would be locally sourced or locally inspired. The company produced sauces out of rented facilities and became popular at local markets and eventually branched out into local retail sites.

In 2020, the four person company became the sole ownership of Julia Allingham when she bought the shares of the other three partners. Since 2020, The Saucy Newfoundland Company has been producing out of a rented facility in St. John’s where Julia had been living. During this time, retail sites and overall sales have grown.

The company currently is run by Julia Allingham with production becoming the responsibility of her part time employee and cousin, Joan House. While producing delicious condiments and spices, the mission of The Saucy Newfoundland Company is to put the province of Newfoundland and Labrador on the map as being a place of a rich and fun culture with a fascinating history told through the products being sold. Product names have been a real marketing jewel.