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Gros Morne Farm and Market
Contact: Laurie Haycock & Boyd Maynard
Address: P.O.Box 287 Norris Point, NL, A0K 3V0
Phone: 709-458-8308
About Us
Gros Morne Farm & Market, a delightful small-scale market farm devoted to cultivating top-quality produce. Not only nourishing our beloved Norris Point and the Gros Morne area, but also extending our bounty to the neighboring communities. Our passion lies in growing a diverse array of vegetables, all lovingly tended and completely free from pesticides and herbicides. Embracing sustainable farming practices is at the core of our mission, ensuring a healthier environment and better future for generations to come.

Early in the season, our bountiful offerings include crisp lettuce, tender baby greens, flavorful spinach, zesty radishes, nutrient-packed microgreens, vibrant peppers and green onions. As the growing season progresses, an abundance of fingerling potatoes , succulent tomatoes, fragrant herbs, and refreshing cucumbers fills our market stand, delighting the senses and elevating your culinary experiences.

But the delights don't end there—our dedication to the craft of vegetable cultivation extends to the end of the season, showcasing an assortment of comforting root vegetables, delectable winter squash, nutritious winter greens, and festive pumpkins. With over 50 different types of produce flourishing on our farm, you'll find an array of tastes, colors, and textures to explore.