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Tuck's Bee Better Farm
Address: 267 Grenfell Heights Grand Falls-Windsor , NL, A2A 2J2
Phone: 170-486-0177
About Us
Tuck’s Bee Better Farm has a vision to become the leading apiary on the island of Newfoundland with a five year operating plan focussing on:

Beekeeping: Annually producing and expanding healthy honeybee colonies.

Pollination Services: Renting out honeybee colonies to local farmers, in particular cranberry farmers, during pollination season.

Honey Production: Producing high quality honey and value added products.

Land Development: Ensuring a sufficient land base for increasing the size of the apiary and thus increasing the capacity for honey production.

Reducing Debt and Building Equity: Construct essential infrastructure for long term apiary business, i.e. hydro, road, honey extraction facility / honey shop.